Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb
Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb
Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb
Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb
Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb

Pekati™ - Solar rechargeable led energy saving light bulb

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The sun LED light bulb is a Multi-purpose, stylish, and foldable LED Lighting which provides you illumination in any circumstance.

Sun LED light bulb is a portable lighting source which is easy accessible - Keep it handy for your fishing, or camping trips as it will be your lifesaver. It is also a Versatile tool to use in your Backyard Party with Family and friends, or in your home for Reading or Emergency lighting when power is out.


Solar Powered 

The Sun LED light bulb uses a 1,200mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged using either a USB port or solar energy. It provides up to 12 hours of light after full charging. Furthermore, in order to show the battery level of the lantern, the product features a Smart Solar Indicator light that shows the battery level in real-time.

Easy To Carry

Thanks to the compact size, it can be easily tucked away even from the tightest of places without taking up much space. Light up anywhere, anytime! 


The Lantern is easily foldable and ensures easy storage.


Rainy season - No need to worry in an event of Rain, the Lantern is all tight sealed and waterproofed.

Versatile Lighting Source

If you are looking for a less intense, but extended source of light, then you will also be able to use other three operating modes: High (50 lumens, 6-8 hours), Medium (25 lumens, 12-14 hours), and Low (12 lumens, 18-24 hours). Finally, for an intermittent light, you will be able to use the flashing mode for up to 48 hours.


1. Lumen capacity: 210 lumens

2. Battery Capacity: 1,200mAh/4.44 WH.

3. Weight: 350 g


1 x Foldable Solar Lantern

1 x Manual

1 x Remote Control

1 x USB

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