Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms
Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms

Pekatiā„¢ - Unisex Fleece Jogging Bottoms

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Size charts

Refer to this chart to find your size. If you're struggling to understand, we're here to help. Contact us today.

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Comfortable and breathable

Highly resilient material


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Soft and Comfy Lining, Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors.

Take it outside this winter with adventure in your heart and activity on your mind. Youā€™ll remain protected from the elements and warm when the temperature drops, allowing you to maintain your focus on performance.

Lined with thick and soft fleece made of the finest CASHMERE to keep you warm and cozy throughout winter.

ā€œA boost of confidence and coziness youā€™ve never experienced beforeā€

THE INSIDE LAYER is entirely made of is made of aĀ  thick and soft fleece that keeps you warm without adding extra bulk. In fact, these sweatpants will provide a ā€œbarely-thereā€ feel that allows your legs to breathe without sacrificing heat.

100% Waterproof Guarantee
Waterproofing cotton clothing is a great way to add an extra layer of protection for when youā€™re enjoying the outdoors.

All it would take is one surprise storm, and suddenly you could be soaked. Even if youā€™re wearing a rain jacket, your shirt might stay dry, but your pants and undergarments wonā€™t be.

Delicate on Your Skin
Fleece Jogging Bottoms are delicate on your skin, the inside fleece does NOT irritate or create uncomfortable feelings. Our 12.800 + customers and 4-year experience can confirm that!


Available in black and gray to complement your casual, formal or dinner attire.

Stay stylish and warm this winter!


Leg Type: Straight / Sweatpants
Length: Full
Size Choices: XS-4XL
Care: Machine wash, tumble dry

Fit Guide - Fit by Waist and Hip:
Garment is sized by the waist and hip measurements. If your waist and hip correspond to 2 different sizes, choose the larger size from the Size Chart.

XS- Waist: 69cm / 27.2 inch, Hip: 104cm / 40.9",Length:Ā 95cm / 37.4"

S-Waist: 72cm / 28.3 inch, Hip: 108cm / 42.5",Length: 97cm / 38.2"

M-Waist: 75cm / 29.5 inch, Hip: 112cm / 44",Length: 99cm / 38.9"

L-Waist: 78cm / 30.7 inch, Hip: 116cm / 45.6",Length: 101cm / 39.7"

XL-Waist: 81cm / 31.8 inch, Hip: 120cm / 47.2",Length: 103cm / 40.5"

2XL-Waist: 84cm / 33 inch, Hip: 124cm / 48.8", Length: 105cm / 41.3"

3XL-Waist: 87cm / 34.2Ā inch, Hip:Ā 128cm / 50.3", Length: 107cm / 42.1"

Ā 4XL-Waist: 90cm / 35.4Ā inch, Hip:Ā 132cm / 51.9", Length: 109cm / 42.9"

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Delivery at home in 7 to 10 days
With overĀ 12,800 satisfied customers,Ā we are always dreaming up new products to help our customers sleep well and wake up refreshed.

We deliver our parcels within 7 to 12 days. If a delay in delivery is foreseen, we will notify you directly by e-mail.

For returns, simply contact us by e-mail.


What is bamboo fibre and why is it used for pants?

Bamboo fibre is a natural material that is becoming increasingly popular for its soft, breathable and environmentally-friendly properties. It is used in the manufacture of our pants to offer optimum comfort and promote better intimate hygiene.

Why do dermatologists recommend bamboo fibre pants?

Dermatologists recommend our bamboo fibre pants because of their softness and ability to reduce unpleasant rubbing, helping to maintain impeccable hygiene in intimate areas.

How does the breathability of bamboo fibre pants differ from that of other materials?

The exceptional breathability of our bamboo fibre pants allows air to circulate, reducing moisture and perspiration. You'll always feel comfortable and fresh, whatever your activity.

What does the "buy 5 get 5 free" offer mean?

Our special offer allows you to buy 5 bamboo fibre pants and receive 5 free. This is a limited opportunity not to be missed to renew your collection of high-quality underwear.

How does the durability of bamboo fibre pants compare with that of traditional pants?

Bamboo fibre pants are designed for extra durability thanks to their high-quality material. They are more resistant to wear and tear and can last longer than ordinary pants.

Are bamboo fibre pants suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, in general, bamboo fibre pants are suitable for sensitive skin because of their softness and ability to reduce skin irritation. However, if you have any specific concerns, we recommend that you consult a healthcare professional.

Can I wash bamboo fibre pants in the washing machine?

Yes, our bamboo fibre boxer shorts can be machine washed. Please follow the care instructions supplied with your pants for best washing practices.