What is the Premium cooling blanket? how does it keep me cool?

The mechanism of this cooling blanket is makes people feel cool by absorbing the heat of human body. After absorbing heat for a while, once the blanket reaches the same temperature level as the human body, the cold feeling will not be as strong. When this happens, by changing the place you touch, by turning over in your sleep, get a cool and comfortable feeling again.

Are lightweight blankets for summer safe for everyone?

Yes, most people are perfectly safe with a lightweight blanket, OUR LIGHTWEIGHT BLANKET IS SAFE FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS. This lightweight cotton blanket is easy to store and saves lots of space. GREAT FOR KIDS as a summer blanket.

Can I wash my cooling blankets for sleeping in the washing machine?

Yes, it is safe for the washing machine, and it includes specific washing directions. Please check it after you wash it, to make sure of its condition. To beat preserve its cooling effect, PLEASE KEEP IT OUT OF DIRECT SUN, and PLEASE DRY IT IN A COOL, WELL- VENTILATED PLACE.

Can I dry the cold blanket in the dryer?

No, our cold blanket is made of special cold-sensing materials. If it is dried in a dryer, that may affect the cooling effect of the cold blanket.